About Omni Resource Management

Omni Resource Management, Inc. provides a customized approach to facilities operations and maintenance, building technology, and electronic security. We deliver integrated solutions of best-in-class security, technology, and management to your assets, people, and properties.

Our guiding principles are:

  • Be a resource, providing our clients with creative solutions and expertise
  • Be reliable and flexible, to always support our clients, wherever and whenever we’re needed
  • Be safety-focused, ensuring the well-being of our team and our clients
  • Be innovative, by being forward-thinking and testing the limits of what’s possible

The Omni Process:

1. Understand your needs/challenges and areas for improvement

2. Think creatively to develop customized solutions

3. Develop a plan with an integrated approach to maximum value for the client

4. Manage and communicate every detail

At Omni Resource we strive to deliver comprehensive services and the latest technologies to our clients and ensure they are utilized with confidence and efficiency. We work every day to ensure our expertise is based on the latest technologies, best methods, and most educated planning.

The value of innovation in commercial real estate is realized through enterprise-wide insights and data, mobile-friendly systems, and holistic, forward-looking integration.