OMNI Technology takes great pride in recognizing the exceptional contributions of our team members, and today, we’re excited to announce Ben’s promotion. As our Service & Installation Coordinator, Ben is been instrumental in refining our operations with his exceptional skill in managing service and installation work orders, material procurement, and overseeing our critical fire alarm inspection process.

Ben’s remarkable ability to handle these complex tasks with precision and his keen attention to detail have been vital in maintaining the highest standards of safety and quality in our installations. His work ethic is unparalleled, consistently demonstrating a willingness to go above and beyond his regular duties. This dedication and proactive approach have been key factors in his rapid advancement at OMNI Technology.

Outside of work, Ben’s interests in playing the guitar and working on his project car showcase his well-rounded personality, balancing professional responsibilities with personal passions. These hobbies not only reflect his creative side but also complement the technical expertise he brings to his role at OMNI.

We are thrilled to witness Ben’s continued growth and are confident that his future at OMNI Technology will be filled with further successes. Congratulations, Ben, on your well-deserved promotion!